How to Have a Better Life
Learn How To Manage Your Mind, Emotions, Actions and Results.
Get that push you need to change your life
With the How to Have A Better Life Book, you can guarantee yourself the ability to take control of your life. No matter what problem you may be facing, using the methods shown in the pages of this book, you will find the cause and the immediate solution to feel better and create better results.
We have a limited supply! There are only 500 books, exclusively for fans and people trying to better their life. How to Have A Better Life includes teachings about:
  •  Fear And Failure: Why failing more is actually a good thing.
  •  Victimizing and Lack of Confidence: Learn why blaming others takes away your power and strength.
  •  Thought Management and The Model: Learn the Secret Model on how to control every emotion and urge you have.
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Brooke Castillo is the founder of The Life Coach School. She has been a Master Coach Instructor training coaches and coaching clients for the last 14 years. Learning Brooke's controversial and mind-bending techniques has changed thousands of her students' lives. She is funny, aggressive, exciting and cutting edge when it comes to coaching and achieving success. We guarantee you will never find another coach like her anywhere. In her lastest book, How to Have a Better Life, Brooke distills her teaching into short and applicable lessons that genuinely change the way you look at the world and yourself.
  HEaR from our students:
"The model has quite literally changed my life."
Because of the model I have started and built a successful business, deepened my romantic relationship, made peace with my family, and learned how to actually truly love and admire myself. I use the model every day, and I can’t imagine having a happy and productive life without it. 
-Kara Loewentheil
"Learning and applying the model is like getting a road map to the universe."
For too long, I ran around trying to understand why I was so hard on myself, why I never followed through on my goals, and why my life felt stuck. Then came the model: suddenly I had a framework that not only explained the inner-workings of my mind, but could also be used in a practical way to go after what I wanted most.
-Rachel Hart
"The model was the last piece of the puzzle to finally live at my ideal weight effortlessly. "
After struggling with this for 2 decades, The model is the main tool that has taken me from ZERO clients in my weight coaching practice to my first 5 figure month (in only a year!). The model is the tool I still use daily (and will continue to use always!) to create the life of my dreams. Because it works.
-Brenda Lomeli
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