GET THE BOOK: If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight?
How Overhunger and Overdesire Create Overweight
"A simple process anyone can use to reduce overhunger and overdesire and lose weight permanently."
What is If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight?
It's not just another self help book telling you to eat less and exercise more, it tells you why you aren't doing it and how to make it an easy and permanent solution.
If I'm So Smart Why Can't I Lose Weight is a Shortcut to Weight Loss
Overeating because of overhunger and overdesire can make you feel like you are eating against your own will. Too many programs deal with the symptoms of these issues.

This book shows you the CAUSE of desire and hunger and how to change them, so you don't have to live a life of deprivation and hunger to be thin.

It teaches you how your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings drive your actions, and your actions create your results. 

Once you learn this and apply it, everything can change. And this is without years of therapy or using excess willpower or severe discipline.

I'm Brooke Castillo, owner and Master Coach at The Life Coach School. 

We are the leading school for training Life Coaches and Weight Coaches because we delve into the latest research as it applies to mind management, hormones and neurotransmitters and weight loss.

I have twelve years of experience in this industry working with women who are desperate to lose weight and who have tried everything.

In this book I have written about the following...


Brain Neurochemicals

Thought Management

Emotional Eating


Eating and Overeating

Future Focus

Self Care

It has worked for thousands of my students and it can work for you.

Please enjoy the book.

If for any reason you don't, I'm happy to give you a refund.
The book is available for immediate download
Don't take my word for it. Listen to what others have to say...
“Thank you. You have saved my life. The irony is, I save lives for a living. Yet, I had never thought to save my own. I take the tools and knowledge you have given me to make my life so much better. I lost 40 pounds, I’ve taken a break from drinking alcohol, I’ve improved relationships with myself, husband, and co-workers.”
-Valerie Bestland
“I have lost all my weight, 50 pounds at almost 68 years old. I used to drink at least a bottle of wine a night and my desire to drink has almost completely gone away. My relationship with my husband has improved to the point he asked me if I was having an affair because my attitude had changed so much toward him!” -Durita Mcmahon
“I have tried support groups, therapy, and all healthcare options. This work is what finally transformed my anxiety, and this is not an exaggeration. My skin is considerably clearer, I look younger! Food is so easy now (I love this), I lost 50 pounds. My confidence is so much greater than I ever imagined!” -Anna Rodrigues
“Brooke promised a different life in one year. At the time I thought that was a lovely thought, but we would see.... now do I see - amazing! I've started my business, reduced my drinking, lost those pesky last pounds, increased my energy and met some awesome new people along the way!” -Michelle A. Bourque
“Without your program, I would likely have lived the rest of my life with sub-optimal mental and physical health. I would have never known how much better my life could be. My frequent cycles of depression are almost gone! I finally got down to the "skinny" clothes I was saving from 15 years ago, and they are too big! I can wear a bikini! I am much happier in my marriage. I am a much kinder and more patient mother. I know that everyone is doing the best they can, including me.”  
-Ivy Sun
“I  am so amazed at the progress I have made in just 6 months. I've lost 40 pounds and am learning how to manage my emotions in a healthy way, rather than using food to cope with negative events and feelings. No other weight loss program I've done has addressed emotional eating and taught mind management strategies to overcome this difficult piece of weight management.”  -Katherine Kugler 
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