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How to Have a Better Life Has All My Latest Learning
PART ONE: What Holds Us Back: Common Obstacles to Success, and How to Overcome Them
Chapter 1: Fear and Failure 
  • What Is Failure?
  •  Why Fear of Failure Is a Problem
  •  The Root Cause of Fear of Failure: Unwanted Feelings
  •  How We Experience Failure Is Our Choice: An Example
  •  Want to Get Better at Failure? Practice!
  •  Refuse to Beat Yourself Up
  •  Why Failure Is Good 
  •  Insights from My Self Coaching Scholars Class
  •  How to Embrace and Practice Failure
  •  Choose the Right Kind of Failure
  •  Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts
  •  A Note About Confusion
  •  Final Thoughts About Failure
  •  Fear
  •  Fear as the Result of a Mismanaged Mind 
  •  Fear Usually Comes from Thoughts
  •  Fear’s Little-Known Secret
  •  Fear Should Serve You
  •  What Can We Do About Our Fears?
  •  Write Down Your Fears
  •  Final Thoughts About Fear
Chapter 2: Anxiety 
  • Anxiety as a Part of Life
  • Anxiety Is Just a Feeling
  • Physical Symptoms of Anxiety 
  • Responding to Anxiety
  • Recognize It
  • You’ve Named It: Now What?
  • Final Thoughts on Overcoming Anxiety 
PART TWO: How to Uncover and Address Two Commonly-Hidden Obstacles
Chapter 3: The Blame Game
  • Not a Weakness: Just a Belief Pattern 
  • Indicators of the Victim Mentality 
  • Every Victim Needs a Villain 
  • One Indiscreet Remark: Two Opposite Reactions 
  • Rising Above Careless Actions Versus Being a Doormat 
  • Your Negative Emotions Are Due to Your Own Thoughts 
  • Recognizing and Overcoming the Victim Mentality: A Real Example 
  • Vulnerability: A Replacement for the Victim Mentality 
  • Strength Through Vulnerability 
  • Vulnerability and Weight Control 
  • You Are Enough 
Chapter 4: Lack of Confidence
  • Self-Coaching Practice and Introspection 
  • Why Successful People Experience Self-Doubt 
  • Identify Your Self-Doubt 
  • How Do You Perceive Obstacles? 
  • Doubt Your Doubt, Not Your Goals 
  • Try Fifty Things 
  • Entitlement Versus Effort 
  • Note: Don’t Focus on the Past 
  • You Can Leave a Legacy 
PART THREE: Emotional Maturity: What It Is and How to Achieve It
Chapter 5: Emotional Adulthood
  • Emotional Childhood
  • Emotional Adulthood
  • Examples of Emotional Childhood
  • What Emotional Adulthood Looks Like
  • How Emotional Childhood Affected My Weight
  • Find Your Emotional Child
Chapter 6: Healthy Thought Management
  • Healthy Thought Management Means Being Mindful of One’s Mind
  • Choosing to Manage Thoughts Doesn’t Mean Avoiding Them
  • Transitioning from Negative to Neutral Thoughts
  • Important Points About Thought Management
  • Transitioning to Positive Thought Management
  • In Summary
PART THREE: Emotional Maturity: What It Is and How to Achieve It
Chapter 7: How to Solve Any Problem
  • Step One: Identify a Problem 
  • Step Two: Ask Yourself Why It’s a Problem 
  • Step Three: Evaluate Your Reaction 
  • Step Four: Do the “Manual Work” 
  • Step Five: Be in Charge of You 
  • Step Six: Change Your Thinking About the Past
Chapter 8: The Self Coaching Model
  • Circumstances 
  • Thoughts 
  • Feelings 
  • Actions 
  • Results 
  • How the Model Works 
  • Put it on Paper 
  • Moving Towards Change
  • Choose Your Thoughts Carefully
  • Be Curious and Compassionate With Yourself
  • Watch for Patterns
Here's What Everyone Else Is Saying:
“The model has quite literally changed my life. Because of the model I have started and built a successful business, deepened my romantic relationship, made peace with my family, and learned how to actually and truly love and admire myself. I use the model every day, and I can’t imagine having a happy and productive life without it.” - Kara Loewentheil 
“Learning the model was a game-changer. It’s helped me to deepen my connections with people, to better navigate the world, and to live a more empowered and authentic life. The model enriches my life every single day.” - Martha Ayim
“The model was the last piece of the puzzle to finally get to a place where I live at my ideal weight effortlessly... after struggling with this for 2 decades. The model is the main tool that has taken me from ZERO clients in my weight coaching practice to my first 5 figure month (in only a year!). The model is the tool I still use daily (and will continue to use always!) to create the life of my dreams. Because it works.”- Brenda Lomeli
The model moved me to what you would call healing from childhood trauma because I learned my suffering was due to my own thoughts. Continuous use of the model turned up so many incorrect beliefs I had about myself and others. I also had an issue with emotional eating- not surprising! The model keeps my brain in check and my body healthy because that is what I want to create. After years and years, true authentic happiness!” - Pat Beaupre Becker
“For too long I ran around trying to understand why I was so hard on myself, why I never followed through on my goals, and why my life felt stuck. Then came the model: suddenly I had a framework that not only explained in the inner-workings of my mind, but that could also be used in a practical way to go after what I wanted most. Learning and applying the model is like getting a road map to the universe -- anything is possible.” 
- Rachel Hart
“I thought I needed the right diet plan. I was wrong. All I needed was to understand and incorporate the model into my life to lose the weight that I struggled with for so long.”
- Laura Kalister
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